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Mercado de Liniers Market operations at this moment:
Mercado de Liniers operations 22/02/2018

93% Operated
Previous remainder: 0 heads
Heads available: 30 heads
Heads sold: 28 heads
Remainder: 0 heads

INML: 0,000 (Liniers Market Steers Index)
IGML: 0,000 (Liniers Market Main Index)
Lease index: 0,000 (Liniers Market Lease index)

Liniers Market Category Prices
Class Prices Totals Avg
Minimum Maximum Avg Median Heads Amount $ Kg Kg
Good Cows for canned meat17,50017,50017,50017,500432.375,001.850463
Inferior Cows for canned meat16,80016,80016,77716,50024150.486,008.970374
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Liniers Market Current Prices
There are no data to be show on the current day
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